Gold Plated Jewelry - Pros, Cons and How to Handle it

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “gold-standard”. It means the best of whatever is being talked about. Gold is seen as the epitome of class and sophistication. And in the same vein, Gold jewelry adds a sense of class and elegance to any outfit and occasion. There’s just one clincher, it’s horribly expensive. Thankfully, there’s a compromise to using gold jewelry without breaking the bank, and that’s gold-plated jewelry.

Gold-Plated Jewelry Defined

Generally, jewelry plating involves covering a piece of jewelry that’s made from lesser quality metal with a layer of higher quality metal. Gold plated jewelry then is a piece of jewelry made of either brass or copper, with a thin film of gold (say 0.05% actual gold or even less) now deposited on the surface of the jewelry. This film of gold is deposited on the surface of the metal, which makes the piece of jewelry for all intents and purposes look like a golden piece of jewelry. This is a great substitute that allows you to buy, use or gift a “golden” piece of jewelry at a fraction of the price of a piece of jewelry that’s made of gold.

The process of plating, in general, is quite an interesting one, relying on some nifty electrochemical reactions. In gold-plating, the brass or copper jewelry is dipped into a solution containing gold, such as gold-colored alloy. Then we pass an electric current through the piece of jewelry and an electrochemical reaction takes place. This deposits the thin layer of gold evenly over the brass or copper base metal.

One major question that we get asked here at Two and The Half Jewelry is if gold plated jewelry is fake. Our answer, not necessarily. If you understand that the piece of jewelry that you are purchasing is not real gold and only plated, and as such pay the correct price for it, then it’s not a fake. However, if you bought the jewelry under the assumption that it was real gold and paid a commensurate price for it, it then becomes a fake. Basically, it’s only a fake when sold under false pretenses

Pros and Cons of Gold Plated Jewelry


● It is affordable

● Can be passed off as real golden jewelry

● Strong and Durable

● Multiple Design Possibilities

● Easy to make


● Tarnishes over time

● Plating can be chipped or scratched away

● Can’t be worn in water

● Is of lower value

How to Handle Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry needs to be handled carefully if you will make the most of its lifespan. These steps help you maintain your gold-plated jewelry

  • Do not use any aerosol-based spray, such as perfume while you have your gold-plated jewelry on.

  • Clean your gold-plated jewelry with cotton wool or a soft cloth to eliminate any dirt or dust that might have been accumulated on the piece

  • Keep it away from chemicals, be it body lotions, nail polish and varnish, and any other chemical-based substance as it can tarnish the gold plating

For your affordable, yet stylish and well-crafted gold-plated jewelry pieces, check out Two and The Half to find your perfect pieces.

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