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Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Every brand has a story, not even a minimalist jewel brand like us.

The great thing about jewelry is that there's something for everyone - there are very humble pieces, very humorous pieces and very extravagant and outrageous pieces that appeal to all class of people.- Judith Miller.

Our core aim is to be a part of your every day, providing you with good quality and simple design of jewelry at affordable prices. We strongly believe that women deserve to experience a piece of great jewelry and shine in a simple yet elegant look.

If you are looking for an online jewelry store that gives you the best of simplicity in terms of feel and design then we are the ones for you.

Some of our featured items include but are not limited to the following:

Classic Yellow Gold Ring

Classic Yellow Gold Ring When looking for a simplistic design, the classic yellow ring is a must-have. The minimalist jewelry is so beautiful and simple that allows you to use it on any kind of outfit. So, if it is fine dining or a casual outing the classic yellow gold ring is always a top-up.

The Double Love Rings

The Double Love Rings

These pieces of jewelry are so nice that they sell out so fast. The double love ring is one of our most simple and beautiful designs. The ring is so elegant and beautiful that it won't hurt to have one in your collection of jewelry.

Dreamy Golden Necklace

Dreamy Golden Necklace

Whatever shape you want it in, be it in love form, heart form, half hearts among others the dreamy golden necklace is such a beauty. The feel of the necklace against your skin is one you will always cherish. With its beauty and elegance, the dreamy golden necklace is one that compliments your outfit.

Have you enjoyed what is being offered you so far? Don’t worry there is more on our online jewelry store for you to go through and make amazing jewelry selection from. Find more.

Every piece of jewelry we offer here has and makes a statement on its own. Ranging from those that exude beauty, simplicity, and class to those that exude intricacies, complexity, and poise, every form of jewelry is catered for with a special focus on simple jewelry, minimalist jewelry, and classy jewelry

Why these types of Jewelry?

You might begin to wonder why we have decided on these types of jewelry; the reason is not far fetched. As it is the custom at Two and The Half, we strongly believe that there is beauty in simplicity and the beauty of a thing is much appreciated when it is cloaked in simplicity yet it manages to stand out. Let us create a mental image for you, imagine you walk into a cocktail party and you see someone wearing all the bling and glitz jewelry there is and then you come across another person who is dressed elegantly but with minimalist jewelry who are you more likely to walk up to and strike a conversation with? Let us hope that our guess is as good as yours.

We believe strongly that the beauty of a piece of jewelry is in the simplicity it exudes and that is why we are making these available for others to see what we see and so that you can experience the beauty of simple, minimalist and classy jewelry.

The service we offer at Two and The Half Jewelry is top-notch. We aim to give the best jewelry to jewelry lovers across the world. As a jewelry online store, we pride ourselves on fidelity. The services we offer would leave you wanting more. And the products we offer will have you checking back for more of the amazing jewelry we have.

So, if you are shopping jewelry for yourself, your friend or even for who you loved one then check out the list of amazing jewelry that we have. Also, if you do not know what to give to a friend or a loved one, we can assure you that you can never go wrong with a piece of great jewelry so why don’t you browse our catalog and see for yourself the amazing piece of jewelry that catches your eye.

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